The key thing we were asked to do was to evaluate the site and see if it was a worthy consideration to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our opinion is that it has a very high status.” Dr. Michael Dawson, Director of Archaeology, RPS (Archaeology)

Roman mine shaft in Rosia Montana, Romania..

Building decoration. Rosia Montana, Romania.

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In 2010, Romania’s ministry of culture commissioned a British consulting firm to evaluate the archaeological heritage of Rosia Montana. Dr. Michael Dawson, Director of Archaeology at RPS (Archaeology), led a team of archaeologists from Oxford and Leicester Universities, Dr. Andrew Wilson and Dr. David Mattingly, professors of Roman archaeology, and determined the area was “the most extensive and most important underground Roman gold mine known anywhere.”




Apusenii Mountains, Rosia Montana, Romania

Mine entrancve: Rosia Montana, Romania

Rosia Montana Mining project

Street protest to save Rosia Montana, Romania from mining project. 2013

Rosia Montana Timeline

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Neolithic Age

Archaeological evidence of Gold Mining

101 AD

Roman Conquest of Dacia


State Control of Mines


Open Cast Mining Project Proposed


Street Protests Against Mining Project


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Submission