About Us

Many people have given their time and effort to save Rosia Montana and its unique archaeological and cultural heritage first from the gold mining companies and now from the elements. Below is our board and just a few of the great men and women who have helped us in our mission. 

Dr. Ioan Piso, President

Dr. Ioan Piso


Dr. Piso is Romania’s pre-eminent historian and has won numerous awards for both his knowledge and his tireless capacity to speak on Rosia Montana’s behalf. 

Historian, archaeologist, professor, author, and former director of the National History Museum of Transylvania, Dr. Piso is a member of the German and Austrian Archeological Institutes.

Currently serving as chair of Old History at “Babeş-Bolyai”University in Cluj. He has published over 120 papers in national and international magazines and he has participated in countless international conferences, congresses and colloquies. He
lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Sorin Jurca, Vice-President

Sorin Jurcă

Vice-President, Founding Member

Sorin is a founding member of the Foundation and has lived in Rosia Montana all his life. A specialist for the mines in the communist era, Sorin offers a heart-felt perspective on the story of Rosia Montana.

Geologist assistant at Roşiamin mining company (1982-2006) and coordinator at the “Roşia Montană Information Center” established by the SOROS Foundation in collaboration with the Romanian Academy (2007-2009).

David, Vice-President




Author and activist,  David joined the fight to save Rosia Montana in 2012 while backpacking through the Romanian wilderness. He now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland seeking international support in order to save Rosia Montana’s archaeological treasures.

Eugen Cornea

Vice-President, Founding Member

“Zeno” offers a warm welcome for anyone who visits. A topographer technician at the copper mining company Roşia Poieni from 1977 to 2001, Zeno probably knows more stories about Rosia Montana than anyone alive. A life-long resident, Zeno has put his heart and soul into making the history of Rosia Montana come alive for both children and adults.

Gabriela Jurca

Founding Member

Born and raised in Roşia Montană, Gabriela offers a unique perspective on the challenges that the community has faced and is still facing. Besides her contributions to the Roşia Montană Cultural Foundation, Gabriela owned one of the last businesses left in Roşia Montană unaffiliated with the mining company. A tireless promoter of all that is best about Rosia Montana, “Gaby” stayed when others fled.

Our Amazing Volunteers

The Backbone of Our Organization

We owe a debt of gratitude to the many volunteers and who made this website possible. Simply for the love of doing what’s right, people from all walks of life gave their time, efforts and money to help save Rosia Montana.

We’d especially like to mention Alexandra Dodu, from Romania, who was superb as our Communications Manager and on-site journalist and researcher. Alexandra is a certified Steiner/Waldorf teacher and trained facilitator for the Isha Foundation. Thank you for everything!

Alexandra Dodu, Communications Manager

Dr. Horia Ciugudean

Archaeological Consultant

Archaeologist and history teacher specialising in prehistoric history, 
Dr. Ciugudean is one of the most renowned Romanian experts in prehistory, with over 25 years of experience in archaeological excavations in the Apuseni Mountains. He spent over three decades  as a researcher with the History Museum of Alba Iulia, a period that also saw him working with major European archaeologists.

Dr. Ciugudean lives in Alba-Iulia, Romania.



Aurel Sântimbrean

Geological Consultant

Aurel passed away this past May (2020). Geologist and author, he was the chief engineer and technical leader at Roşiamin, the national Mining company of Romania in Roşia Montană for 22 years. Under his leadership, the Mining Museum from Roşia Montană was established.
Author of several books including The Mining Museum of Roşia Montană,  The Gold and Silver of Roşia Montană and Roşia Montană, the Fortress of the Romanian Gold.

He was a great man and will be sorely missed.